About this Layout

Usage of this layout is fairly simple, but you will need, obviously, to edit parts of the code to suit your needs. If you'll notice, I alternated content headers - h2 for odd rows, h3 for even rows. I've done the same thing in the sidebar to make it easy. Everything is fairly self-explanatory, but if you have problems figuring anything out, feel free to send me a PM or post a question on the forums.


I'm not at all a possessive person, so I have very loose requirements as far as the use of this layout. You are free to alter any part of this layout for your personal use to suit your needs, including changing the images if that is what you wish to do. If you are using this on your personal site, I have no problems if you decide you wish to remove the credit. However, as is often the case, if you decide to modify this layout and distribute it elsewhere, it would be awesome if you could message me first to let me know. I asked for permission from a lovely photographer at sxc.hu to use the image for a layout, and he kindly said yes; so it would be fantastic if you could leave his credit intact as thanks for providing this great picture.

Content Title

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Content Title

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